2017 Summer Fun Goals

One thing We like to try to do every summer is ride our bikes a total of 100 miles over the summer. I'm not sure if we have ever gotten the entire 100 [...]

Macayla and Evelyn Birthdays 2016

The past few years we have done combined parties for them since their birthday are only 6 days apart in the year, plus almost 4 years. This year they [...]

Fall Festival Selfridge Air Force Base 2016

Since the husband was in the Air Force and now works for the Army, he's always getting emails about family activities on the nearby bases. We don't normally do [...]

Halloween Campings 2016

Our first mini halloween camping wasn't an overnight stay camping but my mother-in-law was camping at the nearest campground and invited us to hang out and [...]

Girl Scout River Crossing 2016

The Girl Scouts River Crossing is something I did as a child over 20 years ago. Its really fun to now be doing it with my kids. Its changed a lot though [...]

Tigers Game 2016

  We took the kids out of school to go to a Tigers baseball game. There is a small story behind that. Every year that Sean has been working at his [...]

My Child was Bullied!

Today I encountered something I've never really dealt with in my 10 1/2 years of motherhood. A small little bully in the form of a cute little 2 year old. She [...]

Macayla Needs Braces…

Ugh! Braces.... When I hear my children need braces, all I hear is money, money and more money... Of course if they need them for a beautiful smile, I'm going [...]