Sams Club Dining

Have you ever eaten at the Sams Club cafe? Its really not that bad and it is super cheap! So of course I now work my Sams Club shopping trips around meal times [...]

Chickpea Kitchen Resturant

OMG, the food at Chickpea Kitchen is so yummy! I am not a very adventurous eater. So when my husband wanted to take me to this new place, I wasn't all that [...]

March Challenge Week 4

I think I did a lot better this week then the past 3 weeks. I guess I had more motivation since its the end of the month and I said I would post a picture of [...]

March Challenge Week 3

This week was a little off because I was babysitting all week during the time I usually do my morning workout, so it threw me off a little. I tried to just do [...]

March Challenge Week 2

This week started off well but slowly got worse as the week went on. The weekends are hard for me to stay on track. We tend to be out and about and end up [...]

March Challenge Week 1

A little about the week I had. It wasn't the easiest week I've ever had. First of all, for over a week I had between 1-3 people in my house that were fighting [...]

Feel Guilty Over Dinner?

Some nights I feel guilty over the dinner I prepare for my family. No one ever makes me feel guilty over making something like grilled cheese. The girls [...]

Prepared Chicken for the Week

Sometimes trying to think of something for dinner is not always easy. Especially if you are a working parent. I have a part time job so sometimes I'm home to [...]

Extra Veggie Fried Rice

This was a super easy and quick meal! Really delicious as well. Sometimes trying to eat more vegetables is hard and not always that appetizing, so when I find [...]