How We Paid off About $25000 in One Year

I cant tell you how many people have asked us how we have paid off so much debt recently. So, I decided to lay it out there and tell you how we have come this [...]

We Own Our Ford Fiesta!

What can I say? We are gazelle intense right now! We are knocking out this debt as fast as we possibly can.  In less than 3 months we paid off $6,852 towards [...]

Caught the Dave Ramsey Bug

We cannot stop listening to Dave Ramsey. We download his podcasts and listen to him in the car, we turn on the Chromecast and watch him on the TV. We listen to [...]

Paid Off Discover Card!

Back in June we should have been able to pay off this credit card by my calculations from the previous months. I have a notebook that I know what we will pay [...]

Macayla Needs Braces…

Ugh! Braces.... When I hear my children need braces, all I hear is money, money and more money... Of course if they need them for a beautiful smile, I'm going [...]

Spring Break 2016

Did you go anywhere fun or travel to warmer weather? I feel like most of my hometown in Michigan left for Florida. I work in the school part time and I [...]

On Our Way to Debt Freedom!

In order to help visually see our debt I made up this chart and hung it on our bedroom wall. Not the prettiest decoration but it helps keep me motivated to [...]

We Own Our Windows!

We got new windows installed in our house almost 3 years ago. Leaving us with a total debt of about $7500. We have been paying $150 a month until recently. I [...]

Consignment Shops are Amazing!

Consignment shops are really wonderful when you are trying to pay off debt. They are especially great when you have 3 girls who really like pretty clothes. [...]

Paying off Debt One Day at a Time

UGH! Paying off debt... Such a daunting task. Sometimes it just feels like it will never go away. Like I will never get rid of it and it feels so overwhelming [...]