Daddy Daughter Dance 2017

This is the only year Evelyn will be able to attend the Daddy Daughter Dance alone without her sisters. Macayla had a few years by herself before Evelyn came into school and Samantha will have a few years after Evelyn leaves the school. So it was a very special year for Evelyn.

Their Dad always gets them a wrist corsage for the Daddy Daughter Dance. Its only about $10 but it makes them feel extra special. Afterwards this year he took her out for dessert after the dance.

They always put on a really nice dance for the kids. They mostly just run around the decorated gym with their friends, screaming and dancing. While the dads just stand on the sideline watching and occasionally getting a dance in here and there.

Macayla was at a friends house for a sleepover so since it was just Samantha and I at home I took her out to Dairy Queen. Its always nice to have a little one on one with the kids.