The girls each get $3 to spend on each sister at the dollar store and they can pick out whatever they want. Its really funny sometimes to see what they think the other one will like. Then a few days before Christmas they exchange the gifts from each other. It gives them something to do while they wait for Christmas to come and it can be a little more special. Otherwise the gifts from each other just get thrown in with all the rest of the stuff and its not as appreciated.

We also get the kids a small box from us that they will open this day also. We get them a new pair of pajamas, a Christmas ornament, a small toy or something that might keep them occupied before all the excitement of Christmas. The past 2 years we have gotten them Animal Jam membership gift cards. Their memberships expired about a month prior and we’ve been trying to hold them off until we could give them the gift cards for Christmas. They were extremely excited, especially Samantha since this was her first time getting the membership.

Christmas Eve we always spend with my husbands side of the family. We did Christmas a little early with them this year because the girls Great Grandma Prange was heading to Florida before Christmas. We always do a White Elephant exchange for the adults, and our 3 girls exchange with Seans cousins 3 girls. It works out pretty nice.

Actual Christmas Eve we still went to my mother-in-laws house and she had gifts from her to give the girls. They are some very lucky girls. Very spoiled and more importantly very loved.

Their Grandpa made them a very special handmade chest. He carved their initial on the top of each one and a little something on the bottom. He also made a little secret hiding place for Macayla on the bottom of hers. Something very special that they will keep forever.

This face, right there is priceless. Its why we work extra hard around the holiday to be able to surprise them so much, that my child that shows the lease amount of emotion looks like this on Christmas morning. This here makes my heart to happy.

We always make them wait at the top of the stairs until I go down first so I can video and takes pictures.

They cant wait to start opening! And once they do watch out!

Even the dog was opening his own gifts. He was actually getting them opened all by himself. It was really funny actually. He really enjoyed it and acted like he was so excited haha.

She asked so many times for a giant whoopie cushion. I love her reaction. She was more excited for this then she was when she opened a new tablet. Goofball child. She thinks fart noises are so hilarious.

The aftermath of opened gifts from Santa! Looks like we had some really well behaved girls this year. They were all happy girls. Samantha was a little disappointed however. She had asked multiple times for a wolf that could howl and also for her to become a REAL wolf that could also talk that was she could still live at home, lol. That was a though gift to make possible…

In the afternoon we always head over to my moms for dinner and more gift exchanges. Its always a fun time getting all the kids together with their cousins. It can be loud and crazy at times but its perfect.

Evelyn got this game for her Birthday from her Aunt Courtney and had to bring it over for Christmas of course. We all had to take a turn getting pie faced. Its a fun and messy game for sure.

This right here is one of my favorite people! My Pa! It was our first Christmas without my Grandma here so it was hard. She loved the fall and winter and all the get togethers. The grandkids is what she lived for. They have over 50 grandkids and great grandkids. Without her and this special man right here none of us would even be here. He has many great stories and I cherish them all.

This is my most favorite picture of the day! I could tell he had a few emotional moments thinking of my Grandma but having all us kids and grandkids around put these smiles on his face. Priceless! Christmas is so much fun getting gifts but honestly the kids have more fun just getting together and playing games and laughing. Thats what its really about. That is what makes the day fun for them. Memories. Make them.