2017 Summer Fun Goals

One thing We like to try to do every summer is ride our bikes a total of 100 miles over the summer. I’m not sure if we have ever gotten the entire 100 miles but we’ve came pretty close. I think this year we have a better chance now that the kids are becoming older. I went to the dollar store and bought a few large poster boards. Then got to work with the kids making our summer activity posters. They always enjoy doing this as the school year comes to an end. I like to try to motivate them to keep active and not just sit in the house all summer so this is one way we all keep active together. As we go for bike rides we color in each block every mile we ride. If we go for a few rides a week it really adds up quickly.

Our summer Bucket list looks something like this. Sometimes we scatter them all over the paper but this year we did it a little more organized. We have a lot of simple things that don’t cost too much money or time to do. Some of them we have planned already like doing a color run with the kids, so we put things like that on there as well. Its just fun to see at the end of the year all the things they did. Its a great way to show them before they go back to school in the fall that they didn’t have a boring summer. Even if we don’t get every single one of them checked off they still have a nice visual of all the things they did get to do.

Here is a list of the things on our 2017 bucket list this year.

  1. Make s’mores
  2. Feed ducks/fish
  3. Have a picnic
  4. Go fishing
  5. Go to beach
  6. Have a bonfire
  7. Build a sandcastle
  8. Watch fireworks
  9. Go in a paddle boat
  10. See a drive-in movie
  11. Make floats
  12. Run a color run
  13. Go bowling
  14. Go to zoo
  15. Blow bubbles
  16. Have a garage sale
  17. Have a lemonade stand
  18. Water balloon fight
  19. Silly string fight
  20. Go to a fair
  21. Camp in back yard
  22. Make popsicles
  23. Play frisbee
  24. Go camping
  25. Find a new park
  26. Go to splash pad
  27. Play putt-putt golf
  28. Family movie night
  29. Library summer reading program
  30. Play tennis
  31. Visit a waterfall
  32. Go strawberry picking
  33. Make homemade jam
  34. Go for a boat ride
  35. Go to movies
  36. Make up a handshake
  37. Go to a garage sale
  38. Plant a garden
  39. Go school shopping
  40. Paint nails
  41. Mail a letter
  42. Eat dinner outside
  43. Family game night
  44. Go to Sweet Tooth
  45. Outdoor movie
  46. Play red light, green light
  47. Go to McDonalds for pizza in Ohio
  48. Have a sleepover
  49. Go for bike ride
  50. Have a dance party
  51. Do a scavenger hunt
  52. Color a picture
  53. Read a book (or 20)
  54. Do a puzzle
  55. play hide and seek
  56. Swim in a pool
  57. Learn to cook something new
  58. Make a craft
  59. Rent a movie
  60. Watch a parade
  61. Find a rainbow
  62. Wash the van
  63. Play in the sprinkler
  64. Meet dad for lunch
  65. Play in the rain
  66. Watch for shooting stars
  67. Volunteer
  68. Go for a walk
  69. Play cards
  70. Bake cookies
  71. Tell ghost stories
  72. Build a fort
  73. Fly a kite
  74. Make a volcano
  75. Play catch
  76. Go geo-catching
  77. Play rock, paper, scissors
  78. To go air show
  79. Catch fireflies
  80. Play soccer
  81. Go to a flea market
  82. Try a new restaurant
  83. Flatrock speedway
  84. Sleepover at grandma Bieths
  85. Sleepover at Hines
  86. Sleepover at Grandparents Beckers
  87. Sleepover at grandma Pranges
  88. Sleepover at grandpa Ellul’s
  89. Macayla only-date with mom and dad
  90. Evelyn only- date with mom and dad
  91. Samantha only- date with mom and dad
  92. Paint rocks/shells
  93. Eat frozen custard
  94. Make homemade play doh

We usually leave a few blank up to 100 and fill in a few that we add during the summer that we didn’t think about or have planned. We have already checked some of these off and can’t wait to get started with the kids. You only have 18 summers with them being kids so I figure we better make the most of them. Before I know it they will be all grown up, I hope I can make some good childhood memories for them and traditions to carry on with their kids if they are able.