Macayla and Evelyn Birthdays 2016

The past few years we have done combined parties for them since their birthday are only 6 days apart in the year, plus almost 4 years. This year they wanted another sleepover so I said they could each only have 4-5 friends. I went online and ordered some photo props and a backdrop.

We went online and ordered a Snapchat filter for a few hours. It was about $10 for maybe 5 hours. They thought it was pretty cool though. A small way to make it a little extra special.

They each decorated there cupcakes I made for eating at the party. Plus some ice cream you can see that they made gross with all the sprinkles, whipped cream and syrup toppings…

This is what happens to a room with 10 girls sleeping over with all of there things.

We don’t usually get them very big gifts for their birthdays. For one, its a month before Christmas and we spend enough on the parties.  We tell them the party is part of their gift as well. Evelyn got a canopy to go above her bed. A big loom band kit, some clothes and a few small things.

I wasn’t going to make a cake since I had just made 14 giant cakes only days before, and also she said she didn’t care if she had one or not. Then the night before her actual birthday she decided she did actually want a cake so I had to whip one up that morning. Anything for my little Loves to feel special on their Birthday.

I sort of started a tradition without meaning to but it has stuck. It started out with putting a few streamers on the girls bedroom doorway the night before their birthday. I thought it would be a cool surprise when they woke up in the morning and saw it. The first year my oldest didn’t want to rip it down so for a few days we were crawling underneath it every time we passed through. Now it’s not only the streamers but I’ve added balloons too. They get super excited to go to sleep and wake up in the morning knowing their doorway is going to be decorated just for them. It’s something so small but makes them feel special. Birthdays when you are young feel so much different then when you get older, so I want to make sure they remember we took the time to celebrate them and give that extra love and attention to them.

Evelyn’s birthday was the day before Thanksgiving this year. She was a lucky girl because they didn’t have school this day. We always let them pick what they want for their birthday dinner. I will make them anything they want or if they want to go out somewhere we let them do that also. This year Evelyn chose McDonalds….

Macayla got some new clothes and things for her room. We surprised her with a bedroom makeover as part of her gift as well so she got new curtains and sheets. My mom and sister came over and she got a new to her bed and sheets and comforter. We painted her walls and floor and added a large area rug. Painted a dresser go give it a new and improved look. She was very happy! We were going to get her a phone but ended up getting a couple months early. So that was also an early birthday gift.

She of course wanted to go out to Olive Garden for her birthday dinner. She wanted plain buttered noodles. They both got an ice cream for their birthdays.

Samantha was having fun with the photo props 🙂

We truly have some lucky girls. All their friends are so kind and really well behaved kids. They of course stayed up super late and I was exhausted  the next day but thats what birthday parties are for. I hope its a birthday they will remember well.

I made each girl a saran wrap goodie ball to play with their friends. It was a fun game for them and it gave them something to do. Inside each ball I had lip gloss, lots of candy and packs of gum. It was pretty entertaining to watch.

Happy 11th birthday my sweet Macayla.

Macayla and her beautiful cupcake. Always the perfectionist 🙂

Evelyn’s finished cupcake. That is a LOT of sprinkles… I love it though. I Hope these girls thoroughly enjoyed their special days. We do our best to show them how much we love them and hopefully one day they will realize just how much that is.