Halloween Campings 2016

Our first mini halloween camping wasn’t an overnight stay camping but my mother-in-law was camping at the nearest campground and invited us to hang out and take the kids trick-or-treating. Macayla and Samantha went with my aunt up north camping so we just had Evelyn for some special one on one mom and dad time. We invited my oldest nephew to go with us so she would enjoy the trick or treating better.

They were so brave going into all the spooky tents and such. My other 2 girls would have never done that but miss Evelyn doesn’t mind.

We also brought along my youngest brother. Who doesnt enjoy sitting around a campfire and eating halloween candy!

Its also fun to play in the lights! Strike a pose!

It was a great night out with the in-laws. The weather was perfect and the kids got a lot of candy to start the Halloween season off right! Its always fun just to walk around and see all the decorations and costumes.

We went camping for our annual Halloween weekend up in Caseville Michigan. We always go to Sleepers State Park. Its a really great park. They have a clean beach across the road. They have activities all day long on Saturday. Including hayrides around the park, scavenger hunt, they have had a zombie run in the woods one year. They have had petting zoo set up, and pumpkin chucking on the beach. Sand castle building contest. The kids do a parade before the trick or treating starts around the campground. We keep busy all day long with fun and more fun.

Silly kids made their own see-saw out of the broken fence.

Macayla likes to spend her time laying around.

These kids love getting dirty and playing in the dirt.

They decided to decorate this tree with ghosts. It kept them busy for quite some time.

One of the best parts about camping is eating and sitting around a fire. We usually make a big pot of stew or chilli for dinners. We keep them in the crock pot and just set them on low or warm and everyone can help themselves when they feel like it.

Like always enjoy a walk through the woods and find neat stumps and trees. Sometimes we see deer and other creatures out there.

Had to stop by the beach even though its much to cold to go in the water. Playing in the sand getting even more dirty is super fun though…

When at the beach, you must skip rocks on the water. Its the rule.

We try to always do a theme for our camping trip and this year was super heros! Not sure why but they really don’t seem all that thrilled in this picture haha.

Unfortunately, we found out about a week before we got there that we picked the wrong weekend for the trick-or-treating festivities… but there was another campground less then 5 miles down the road that was doing it so we took a chance and drove down there and we were able to still dress up and get some candy.

Its amazing some of the decorations people bring! Seriously these people had to bring a trailer just for the decorations. Thats amazing! Overall it was a successful camping trip spent with family. It was exceptionally great because for once the weather cooperated and we didn’t get rained on the entire time. Its the first nice weekend we’ve had for camping in about 4-5 years. Hopefully we get this lucky next year!