Fall Festival Selfridge Air Force Base 2016

Since the husband was in the Air Force and now works for the Army, he’s always getting emails about family activities on the nearby bases. We don’t normally do many of them but we really should take advantage of these opportunities. This one turned out to be a lot of fun.

Our oldest was at a friends house so we took our 2 nephews for the night. They had a lot of activities for the kids to do. This picture is the trick or treating part of the night. They had stations set up along the track and the kids walked along the track and got candy, pencils, bouncy balls, a really cool water bottle among other things.

There was a few blowup bouncy houses for the kids to play on.

They had free snow cones for the kids. Yummy!

There was also a hay ride around the base, they had crafts and other entertainments. The kids played at the park there. It was a really great night with these little peeps.

Another awesome thing was, they were giving away free Pistons tickets and free Pistons tee shirt vouchers. Of course we picked these up for a free night out to do something a little different with the kiddos.

The girls enjoying the Pistons game the following weekend.

We snagged a few extra tickets and took one of my brother-in-laws and my youngest brother with us.

Fun night out with the family. Weather you are into sports or not when you are at a live game its always more exciting. Get out and try something different. Making memories is what its all about!