Girl Scout River Crossing 2016


The Girl Scouts River Crossing is something I did as a child over 20 years ago. Its really fun to now be doing it with my kids. Its changed a lot though from when I was in girl scouts. We used to cross the St. Clair river over to Canada and walk a little ways down the road to a big field. We would do all of our swapping in Canada. Now a big part of the swapping is done right in Marine City, MI my hometown. You can cross the river on the ferry and there is things to do over in Canada as well. Its a full day of trading little crafts the girls make. They each make around 100 little swaps and spend the day meeting new girls trading swaps. There are tents set up with all kinds of crafts and learning exercises that are hands on and fun for the girls. There is so much to do that we don’t even get to hit everything every year. The best part for my girls is crossing the river over to Canada. They think that is pretty cool. We live right across from the river so we often take it for granted. Seeing the freighters all the time is something we see almost daily. Its fun to see other people who are not from around here in awe over the fact they can look across the river over to another country and also see freighters going by. They are always really good about giving a big beep for the girls when they go by.


This was the girls making their crafts for the river crossing. I should add that this was the night before. Yes, you read that right. They made 100 crafts the night before the crossing. We usually do that at least a week prior but we have been extremely busy this year. We had glitter and sparkles and all that fun messy stuff everywhere!


Last year we had their crafts in a bag and it worked out well enough but the shoe box I made this year worked out so much better. I just poked 4 holes in each box and pulled some ribbon through.They are showing off a craft bookmark they made at one of the stations.


They made some bracelets with colored sand. They have this type of thing set up all over. Fun FUN fun!


This was one of Evelyn’s first trades. She was so nervous the night before and that morning. She kept asking her older sister Macayla if she was scared, Macayla has done this a few times since she’s been in Girls Scouts for a few years so she was just excited and not nervous. Once she got through the first few trades there was no stopping her. She wanted to trade all day long. We actually ran out of trades for the first time ever. I don’t think we quite made it to 100 trades. I think we had about 90 but that’s close enough.


The girls were kneeling down on the ground pinning there trades on the bags they brought and a girl walks up to trade with them. I’m not really paying attention and tell the girls someone wants to trade so they start to make the trade and wouldn’t you know it…. Its my best friend from high schools daughter! We only see each other maybe once a year, sometimes not even that much sadly so it was the best surprise ever! We hung out the rest of the day and the girls had a blast with her daughter.


Part of the river crossing, and probably the best part for the girls is the ferry crossing. We get to cross the river on the ferry and go over to Canada. The girls on the Canadian side have crafts and stuff to do over there as well. Its neat for them to experience this empowering day.


Here are some idea of what the trades my girls received. There are many more awesome ones they got but here are a few at least.


They got these pennies from one of the girls from Canada. I thought that was kind of neat how they tied the two countries together like this.


You can purchase kits to create ones like these. I don’t know if these were a kit or not but I have seen them available online and in the girl scout store I believe.


I like the American flag beads. Thought that was cool. Also probably took someone a lot of time to do.


I like the ones the go along with Girl Scout themes.


Thought this guy was cute!


Even the ones that might not be Girl Scout themed are pretty cute as well though.




I liked the friendship seeds. Thought this was creative.


A Girl Scout Leaves a Little Sparkle Wherever She Goes. My girls also did one similar to this one.


This pretzel was neat. I like the beads for salt.


My girls also did one like this. They used silver and gold pipe cleaners.


This one was pretty 🙂


We went to the Sweet Tooth for ice cream and went down by the river to eat it. The girls constantly have to be doing cartwheels and flips. This picture sums them up nicely.

Across the river you can see Canada. We are lucky that we are just a short walk into town to see this beautiful view anytime we want. Overall, it was a perfect day. Beautiful weather, awesome company, and lots of girl power. If you are wanting to get your daughter into something I would suggest looking into a Girl Scout troop.