We Own Our Ford Fiesta!

What can I say? We are gazelle intense right now! We are knocking out this debt as fast as we possibly can.  In less than 3 months we paid off $6,852 towards the car. Which I still cant believe, now belongs to us! We don’t owe anything! Not a thing!


Let me just say if you have never owned your own vehicle, when you do pay it off and it becomes yours, its like a brand new car. She looks so beautiful, drives better and feels better in every way. All because you don’t owe a thing. We have only ever paid cash for 1 vehicle (lasted less then a year until the transmission went) so it feels wonderful.


Our next mission is to pay off our Caravan. At the moment we owe $7,700 and we should have it paid off before Christmas. That’s the goal anyways. It will be really tight, but I want it so bad that I will sacrifice what I can to get it done.

Here is the proof! It feels so great to own your own things. I wish we would have started this journey much earlier but I’m excited to be going in that direction now 🙂