5K Color Vibe with the Family-2015

20150830_092646 Who doesn’t want to have this much fun?

The husband and I had so much fun doing our first color run that we had to recruit a lot of our family to join in the fun. Including my sister, her husband and 3 kids. My mom, stepdad and youngest sister and our family of 5. So it was a decent sized group we had. We did this run a few weeks before school started back up so it was a great last fun thing before summer ended. The kids had a blast! They were really digging getting messy! What kids don’t want to get covered from head to toe in powered color. Best part is seeing your parents getting messy with you. What a great way to get your kids involved in fitness and to show them how fun it can be. My niece was only 8 months old when we did this. My sister clipped on a large piece of plastic to the front of the stroller to protect her from getting blasted with color. We actually walked most of this run since we had such young kids with us. But that was fine with us for their first run. They got to be included and they thought that was really cool. My oldest daughter who was 9 wanted to run a little bit so her dad and her ran up ahead about 50 steps before she tired out haha. It was just an awesome day and one I don’t think they will soon forget. Even my 3 year old always asks to wear her color run shirt like mommy’s. It just goes to show me that even at 3 years old she is proud of herself and had a great time. Kids want to grow up to be like their parents most of the time, make sure you are doing the things you would want them to be doing as adults. I don’t know about you but I want my kids to take care of their bodies and have fun in a healthy way doing so.


My husband bought this awesome white wig to wear. It was definitely a hit! He had many people want to stop him to take pictures with him. Its always a little more fun to dress up in something extra like that. Or maybe a tutu if you’re a girl 🙂 Just have fun with it and don’t take yourself so seriously for a little while. Get a little crazy 🙂

Trying to motivate kids to stay active these days can be hard with electronics in hand all the time. My now 10 year old wants to do another color run with us, in order to motivate her to stay active we told her she can do the next one with us as long as she can run at least one mile without needing to stop. She does step on the elliptical a few times a week for a little bit. Once it starts getting warmer I can take her outside for a run with me.

20150830_084716  Look at the HUGE smiles on these kids faces!  They are having the best time!

My 15 year old sister really enjoyed the dance party afterward. She had a lot of fun going through the color run also but the dance party was of course a hit with her. How fun would it be to get a group of friends together and do something like this! Think of all the great things that could teach young kids at the high school age. They don’t need to be out drinking or partying to have a good time. They can get together have an awesome day while getting exercise and getting dirty. Then be rewarded with energetic music and more exercise dancing, for as long as you are able. This may have been something out of my comfort zone when I was this age, but if I had a group of friends doing it with me I think I would have gotten into fitness a lot sooner. 20150830_094740

Make sure to bring blankets or towels to cover your seats to protect them from the color. It seems to vacuum right out quite well but just to be on the safe side I would still put something down. 20150830_102732

All and all it was a great family day and really awesome memories were made. I recommend everyone trying this out at least once. So get your friends and family together and make a new memory doing something fun and rewarding. No matter what your fitness level is, anyone can do this!!


  • bob bieth

    that was a lot of fun. Great fun with the family.