Month: February 2016

Living with Back Pain

I have always considered myself to be in decent enough shape. Always been active, even though I never played many sports on an actual team. But I run and go [...]

No Motivation

Last week was VERY bad. At the beginning of the was I was still doing about 15-20 minutes on the elliptical and maybe 10-15 minutes using weights. Sometime [...]

Feel Guilty Over Dinner?

Some nights I feel guilty over the dinner I prepare for my family. No one ever makes me feel guilty over making something like grilled cheese. The girls [...]

Being a Parent of 3 Daughters

Having only daughters is kind of scary! I cant really compare it to having boys and maybe it is just as scary raising boys, but Lord help me! So much pressure [...]

Prepared Chicken for the Week

Sometimes trying to think of something for dinner is not always easy. Especially if you are a working parent. I have a part time job so sometimes I'm home to [...]

Valentine’s Day

I am not really a fan of Valentines day... I don't care that other people celebrate it and if my husband wanted to take me out in celebration of it I would be [...]

Before and Progress Pictures

This is most definitely the hardest post to put out there. I have butterflies in my stomach just typing this out. Its not a before and after post because I'm [...]

Color Run Night 2015

Yes, I know I have a thing with color runs now. What can I say, I have such a blast doing them! This time I dragged along my longtime friend from high school [...]

Leftover Veggie Lunch

I am not always so motivated to eat healthy all the time. I wish I could say that I always eat like this. But the truth is, this is not a typical lunch for me. [...]

Consignment Shops are Amazing!

Consignment shops are really wonderful when you are trying to pay off debt. They are especially great when you have 3 girls who really like pretty clothes. [...]